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Bio: About Me
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About Me

Sonia F.L. Leung was born in 1974, in the Fujian province of China. She spent her girlhood in Jiyang and Nanan counties, and subsequently grew up in Hong Kong. In 1990, she ran away to Taiwan, drifting between Taiwan and Hong Kong. She settled in Hong Kong in 1992, working during the day and studying in the evenings. In 1995, Sonia obtained the US General Education Diploma or GED. She then enrolled in the Ohio University Hong Kong program. In 2000, Sonia completed her study in the US with a Bachelor of Science in Communication. Sonia remained determined to pursue her dream of becoming a writer. In 2014, Sonia enrolled at City University of Hong Kong Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program. She graduated with distinction in 2016. Sonia is a bilingual writer. Her writing often appears in major English literary journals worldwide. Sonia says, “There can be an ugliness to life, but I prefer finding the hidden beauty.”

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