Don't Cry, Phoenix

“Rebirth” is the theme of Don’t Cry, Phoenix. The title poem of this collection embodies this theme. I have experienced rebirth and understand how a revived person can be like a bird who throws herself into the flames, is burnt to ashes, only to reemerge as a phoenix. She may look strong and beautiful. But deep down, she is vulnerable. She worries that the new world she has built will be attacked and destroyed. It could all happen again – such thoughts always sit tight in her chest, making her breathless and tearful. Therefore, Don’t Cry, Phoenix, expresses my most sincere and steadfast blessing to her.

Who is the phoenix? The phoenix represents all the children who have been deeply wounded. I hope all of them live on. I hope they can taste the elixir of rebirth. I hope they can become what I describe in the closing stanza of Don’t Cry, Phoenix:

            Proudly she spread her wings and soared into the air

            Like a brand new leaf in a cherry tree forest

            She enjoyed her solitude amidst the throng

            Glorying in the beauty of her rebirth