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Don't Cry, Phoenix

Don’t Cry, Phoenix (2020), an English and Chinese poetry collection with an album of ten original songs, is Sonia’s first book. Phoenix includes five sections: individual, love, friendship, family, and society. It encompasses ten years of Sonia’s work. In the end, Sonia’s personal life reflects the life of her city – Hong Kong – as it was deeply wounded. Being an author/poet, Sonia felt responsible for bearing witness and giving voice to the voiceless. Indifference is cruelty.


But the book is life-affirming, and here is a taste of it for you.

“Proudly, she spreads her wings and soars into the air.

Like a brand-new leaf in a cherry tree forest,

she enjoys solitude amidst the throng,

glorying in the beauty of her rebirth.”

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Get in touch with me ( for more information about the book and how to get it. Thanks!

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