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Don't Cry, Phoenix

Don’t Cry, Phoenix ( 2020 ), Sonia Leung’s debut poetry collection consists of one hundred and ten pieces of English and Chinese poems. The book also comes with a CD of ten original songs. Sonia’s friend, Adeline Huang, a piano teacher in Taiwan, composed ten melodies pairing a selection of Sonia’s poems. They recorded the CD in a Taipei studio and sang five songs each. Adeline’s friend, Isabelle Yang, a professional musician, arranged the songs and acted as the producer. The book’s front and back covers, and the eight drawings inside, were all hand-painted by Sonia’s Hong Kong designer friend, Noel Lau. Sonia had two editors, Quenntis Ashby and Yijing Li, for the English and Chinese versions. Another good friend, Mark Schipp, became the copy editor. So, the book and CD as a set is a true labor of love from all seven of them to the world, to you.



Get in touch with Sonia ( for more information about the books and how to get them. Thank you!

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